Friday, June 24, 2011

Dance & Rhythm

Traditional Greek Dance and Drumming (a workshop)

In the Greek tradition, dance is considered to be the highest of all arts. Higher even than playing a musical instrument. When you think, that for the dancer the whole body becomes his instrument, then this concept starts to make sense. The fundamental base of both music and dance, is rhythm. In fact rhythm is the base of our whole life: think of our heartbeat, our breezing, our movements and more or less all expressions of the joy of living. Rhythm is also a link that unites individuals: when we move together we are synchronizing with each other through rhythm.

When we want to learn traditional dances, we have to understand the language of rhythm. The more we are able to master a basic repertoire of rhythms, its principles and methods, the easier it will be to move freely in the framework of traditional dances. Therefor it is a great idea for dancers to practice drumming and to play percussion instruments. To develop the art of rhythm greatly empowers our skills in dancing. Very often, if someone faces difficulties to proceed in the art of dancing, developing a stronger feeling for rhythms does solve the problems and opens doors for new dimensions.

But it also functions the other way around: for a musician the experience of dancing can open up a whole new world. I am myself a musician, and today I am dividing my life into two periods: the times before I was a dancer and the time after I had started to integrate dance into my life. Before I was maybe not a bad musician – but something was missing. But when I finally had discovered the other half it was, as if a part of me that was hidden deep inside, was finally allowed to flow and to unfold its power.

So, here you have a few reasons why I have decided to offer a workshop for traditional Greek dance combined with drumming and playing percussion. The workshop will take place from December 26th 2011 to January 2nd 2012 at the Island of Crete. We will learn Greek dances, mainly dances of the Island of Crete. And we will also learn to play on various percussion instruments like tumpeleki, tarabuka, daouli, framedrums, udu, shakers and many more. It will be a great opportunity to connect with our hidden powers and to start the new year with full energy. If you are interested, please don't hesitate and send a short email to right now. In return I will send you all the details about the workshop (without any obligations, of course). You can also find additional information at

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