Friday, May 28, 2010

a review

Hello everybody,

a few days ago I have been told that Lloyd Barde of Backroads Music has written a review about my latest CD The Spirit of Yoga. I highly appreciate this review not mainly because it is very positive, but because it sums up what I feel myself about my latest CD. Here it is:

SANGIT OM Spirit of Yoga

Sangit Om has four previous releases, focusing on Eastern healing arts such as Qui Gong (Chi Kung), Tai Chi or Feng Shui. He finds himself very much at home on the latest, "The Spirit of Yoga," with a combining of Indian instruments, the modes of selected Indian ragas and the chanting of sacred mantras. While fusing influences from the East and the West, he stays true to the essence of Yoga, and the lucid liner notes explain how this practical philosophy was developed in India in ancient times. Through his beautifully flowing music, played through the combining of Indian bamboo flutes, santoor, tanpura, tablas and other percussion instruments, Sangit Om provides inspiring music to support the practice of yoga, providing healing effects which are positive and uplifting. There are a couple of mantras that enhance the listening experience, sung through he weaving of male and female voices. They are carefully mixed amongst the ragas and flowing compositions. His knowledge and absorption of Indian music, spiritual practice and musical forms and structures all adds up to an unparalleled recording, sure to stand out in a field that is often saturated with sameness. I have been thoroughly enjoying this CD, a very faithful rendering of "The Spirit of Yoga". - Lloyd Barde

Thank you Lloyd, and with best wishes from Crete...

... oh, as I mention Crete... people are asking me about the economic crisis that we are facing here. We are all right, strong as always and optimistic. Come and visit us!

Sangit Om