Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear music lovers,

here we go into the world of blogging! After 14 newsletters distributed and hosted through groups.yahoo.com I have finally decided to use a more up-to-date format for my "NEWS". I think blogging is much more flexible and offers a lot of possibilities. And I thought, why not start with a review of some of my year 2009 activities?

We all know: LOVE makes the world go round! So I have released a new SANGIT OM CD at OREADE called "Songs from the Heart". This is a compilation of 11 traditional lovesongs from 8 different countries. They are all recorded as instrumentals, mainly featuring my various flutes. The CD starts with "Down By The Sally Gardens", played on an Irish tin whistle and ends with "Wan Wagninkte", a traditional song from the Lakota Red Indians. Click here for more information and for sound examples.

I have had the great pleasure to take part on a wonderful CD with the Austrian singer and multi-instrumentalist Susanne Heilmayer. This double-CD with the title "Simsalabim Bamba Saladu Saladim" is simply outstanding. It contains 50 (!) children songs. They all come with very creative arrangements, and it is great fun to listen to all those songs. I am playing several instruments: the bansuri (bamboo flute) the Cretan lyre, the Greek Baglama and... I am singing (I think this is the first time in my career!). Oh... and I should not forget my dog "Mayla". She is barking, howling and rhythmically panting on one of the songs (she is a very talented Bernese Mountain Dog).

And then there is the well known Dutch new age composer Guy Sweens. He had asked me if  I would like to play bamboo flute on one of his tracks, and of course I did! His latest CD "The legend of Ganesha" has been released in March 2009 and I played on the track called "Universal Parents", you can listen to a part of the track, order CDs and learn more about Guy here. The whole CD is carrying the spirit of India in a very fascinating way.

I think this is enough for now, I will let you know more about my recent activities, e.g. my debut in the Bollywood film industry. So, let's stay in touch and don't hesitate to leave a comment (one of the beauties of blogging). And please subscribe (if you have not already done) and you will automatically be kept updated on all the SANGIT OM news. Until then, if you are interested in "old news" you can sift through my newsletters of the past decade at Yahoo.com.

Thank you for your patience
lots of love
Sangit Om

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sangit Om!

Here is an error message from the randomizer:

"Bittersweet" does not appear as track Nr.4 "The Inner Flame" on your enchanting Yoga-CD, inspired by Mother India, but is hidden behind Nr.5 "In Balance".

No offense!
It is just "Big Sister" who is always watching you...